Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Comic: Another Call for Help

A sequel to an older comic.

oh god the house's face

a day off today

Did nothing except stay in my room and draw for 6 hours straight. Ahahahah

exits are unmarked. Good luck!

She's a witch character I made. The revolver is her magic wand (to cast spells)

Metal and latex, love them both
my back hurts

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Comic: The Shameless Symbiote

I got this idea while daydreaming

Starring Linzi (the doll version)

Escape, only to be recaptured. Ah hahahah

Living inside the shell

drew more stuff this weekend to kill boredom and sleepiness

Catwoman turning Batgirl into a chesspiece

Catwoman becoming a chesspiece by the concerted action
of a few white pawns

inspired by Coco Productions

goopy cat coating. maybe there'll be a finished version
Oh yeah, I also made this comic...will post in the next entry

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Lithium Flower

ayyyy lmao

got a latex qipao and tore it the first week due to its shoddy quality (latex's too thing) and got a full rubber catsuit which had its zipper all the way between my buttcheeks

cool, I don't need to take it off when going to the toilet. aaaaaaanyways:


is this remotely good?
it's never good

yeah metalbondagecom is my muse, that's obv

"Get inside me"

I wish I have enough money to get Catfish to make this for me

Bubbles. aight

Welcome to your new home!

amy jo jahnsen eh

got the idea from 4f-creations
bye again. i have to wake up early tomorrow.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Stamina Rose

after almost a month of hectic job schedule, I come back to drawing

tried out flash Professional CC. Sheesh

an old character, with cuffs all around. armcuffs inspired by Insex

when 2 types of dolls meet

based off ChristopherT's render

self-insert getting intimate with a jelly

being trapped between bubbles

suspended in a hogtie with purple slime
(btw ordering a lycra version of this outfit)

I wonder how does it feel being taped up like this.

a living latex puddle reforming itself into a maid uniform

a selfhug. drew this with tablet on lap (bad idea)

same as above, but the line quality has its own raw and grungy quality methinks
Okay. Off to another busy week. Goodbye.

P.S. how'd I draw all those within 4 days? Boredom?