Sunday, September 14, 2014

Monochrome Art Dump

I stayed at home for the whole Friday and Saturday and drew to my heart's content. And some of these are commissioned.

Enjoy this long post.

The tape drone goes into conserve mode

her body is a lil long, but yeh

based on a Stargraves one

encasement cards! Go fish

Odessa trapped in a magical girl outfit
Odessa - character of Weirdseal on dA

Welcome to Drop box, where you're dropped in a box

Melanie in a sticky butterfly net

based this on an unfinished fanart I got from a fan, Plucky9
Liked the pose so I filled in the blanks

Underwater exploration in a robotic mermaid suit.  

Hmm...yes, you need a few more days in the institution

Just love creeping tapes

whoooa there, you're falling

got this idea from my stubbornness of not removing my flippers
while walking on the beach

dollmasked maid. Just that.

oh yeah, I'd like to see this. A sack with an inflatable gag with cat ears
on the hood.

How about a selfhug?

Gotta lace you tight...

Extra class with Ms Blaze the cat! Commissioned

Mummywraps and monoboots. I have to get one of those

Odessa catches the mirror entity.

Mimics. They look like treasure chests.

Administering medication.

thermal wraps are in order...

trying your latex maid costume and suddenly the zipper disappears!

This inflatable sack. It's hard to make it look sexy since it doesn't
have curves. So I had to add some context to it
Alright, see ya later.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

yay for more brainfarts

no chance to enjoy the weekend, I have to work on both days. goddamit.

welp, I used 2 hours from today to draw things. Lessened the stress.

bday present for wossarem

before going to sleep I go to for some chinese bondage
stocks and period drama roleplays, mmmm

another one inspired by Xingxingbang

same as above, but I exaggerated a bit

from a picture I got from the site (search for august 2010)
better go to sleep now b/c imma wake up early tomorrow

Monday, September 1, 2014

August 31 Mono

i went out this afternoon and got back home, cleaned the room

and between 9.30-11.00 I drew more of these. I got some orders, but I think I'm going to continue it next weekend since I have a hectic one ahead

blindfolded girl's bluff

it wants to be worn
(remember those floating skull things in Prince of Persia 2? scary)

commish by ChiefJudge. A girl, masked and turned into a latex Bollywood dancer
by a bondaged genie who came out of a cycling bottle.

just Jill flashing you

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Monochrome art dump

I wanted to do quick bursts of art with impromptu ideas and somehow I got carried away:

- Multiple pics are shout-outs to Christopher and Sebastian. They're obvious.

Yeahhh Marilyn Yusuf

I cant stop
wait, I can. I'm pretty sleepy.