Sunday, June 28, 2015

Some more art dump

I forgot these ones

drew a TV actress

just lounging around

satin shirt, faux leather leggings, rubber tie? of course

an 'agent' type character



linked restraints

living tape

"Where am I?"

Living Latex Slime Comic: Lost in the forest

Currently unfinished. Involves tentacle sex

Bondage Comic: Ad Hoc Booth babe

I...really wanted this to happen. Tied up for exhibition

Mummification comic: Photo Booth

Time to dump some art

Shit happened. My laptop got into an endless blue screen of death loop after updating my ATI graphics driver and I had to reset everything. And I made a second deviantart account just for kicks/putting weird stuff in

But I never stopped drawing though, Here they are

chains are cumbersome to draw but when it's done, it makes you feel satisfied

goin grecian in this one

plastic shading...Humm

I got this idea waking up in my flesh-colored zentai. Daydreamed about the zipper disappearing, leaving me trapped forever in that

slime thing

I lurk at chinese bondage sites a lot

oh no, a ufo is coming

i love to play dollies

a cheongsam that short shouldn't be allowed

sacks and straps

metalbras can be practical, if you have the bust

a lil keyhole there

the first time I did a semi coherent gag talk

just fetters

commission of someone humping a rubber pillow

i love tapemittens. so much

a little self-insert

yet another sack n strap combo

Hollyrope inspired this

I love this setup
Oh yeah, I also made some comics. Next post pls

Sunday, May 31, 2015

the order is alive

Girl ordered a zentai, and it was too eager to be worn. Was inspired by Lonelyzentai on deviantArt who writes a lot of fiction about being encased and trapped in zentai (esp latex).

This corridor leads away from freedom

Enjoy your life with your new owner