Friday, October 10, 2014

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

And a new week starts

I drew a lot today after work.

a banana slug engulfing and hypnotizing M'gann

a carousel of prisms

someone refusing to sit on a prism

being shot by balls of sticky latex.
plant encasement + knockout thing

a machine capture + webbing thing
Alrighty. Bye.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

No colors.

from last week

walking alone in a getup in which nobody recognizes you
but still, feels embarrassing

gotta hack the panel on the cuffs

encase-a-cards, for your encasing needs.

talk to the artist if you want to be encased

That closet full of rubber strips needs some warmth.
Ha! You're too late. I took the last closet and you
have to stay outside!

blobby, slimy thing...
Till the next post. Bye

Another batch of monochrome drawings

took 15 minutes for each

punching the marshmallow monster does nothing

no caption for this one. Just wanna draw rubber qipao.

a closet which is filled by rubber clothing shredded into strips, and they are used
to wrap anyone foolish enough to turn their backs to it

reduce your travelling cost by using the cargo express

pulling a rabbit outta the hat


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Monochrome Art Dump

I stayed at home for the whole Friday and Saturday and drew to my heart's content. And some of these are commissioned.

Enjoy this long post.

The tape drone goes into conserve mode

her body is a lil long, but yeh

based on a Stargraves one

encasement cards! Go fish

Odessa trapped in a magical girl outfit
Odessa - character of Weirdseal on dA

Welcome to Drop box, where you're dropped in a box

Melanie in a sticky butterfly net

based this on an unfinished fanart I got from a fan, Plucky9
Liked the pose so I filled in the blanks

Underwater exploration in a robotic mermaid suit.  

Hmm...yes, you need a few more days in the institution

Just love creeping tapes

whoooa there, you're falling

got this idea from my stubbornness of not removing my flippers
while walking on the beach

dollmasked maid. Just that.

oh yeah, I'd like to see this. A sack with an inflatable gag with cat ears
on the hood.

How about a selfhug?

Gotta lace you tight...

Extra class with Ms Blaze the cat! Commissioned

Mummywraps and monoboots. I have to get one of those

Odessa catches the mirror entity.

Mimics. They look like treasure chests.

Administering medication.

thermal wraps are in order...

trying your latex maid costume and suddenly the zipper disappears!

This inflatable sack. It's hard to make it look sexy since it doesn't
have curves. So I had to add some context to it
Alright, see ya later.