Saturday, April 12, 2014

New stuff

quite a busy week...didn't draw so much

for Wossarem. His character being pulled up by someone...

The reverse version of the normal public reaction of someone wearing latex in public
beggars always get ignored

I drew this for like 4 hrs. and streamed the final hour. I let my audience look at my process, which is chock-full of mistakes and hurriedly erasing the mistakes

the chicken wants her to wear the blindfold but...nobody listens to chickens

Sunday, April 6, 2014

I drew a lot today

within 12 hours, I drew this many. sunday n saturday was shit b/c I got water shortages. dddduuuhhh

latex fishsuit infection. a warmup

for Bobomagroto

continuing where I left off

bday drawing for Linzi

my self insert in metal.

my OC Jet as a pony on a pony

Jet in a car wash thing. colored

for x--from--x. 
I followed Punchninja's streams and they're cool. His music is p cool. Compared to the music of my stream...who the hell listens to Ace of Base?

Bye everyone

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


my wisdom teeth hurts, ow

OH, PAYDAY'S HERE. Time to order those inflatable mittens off Catfish

Airrider1's Silky

A  remake of an old picture.
Kind of inspired by Blackshirtboy

Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday monochrome draws

got back from work and showered early to draw things. also I watched punchyninja's stream and a lot of ppl were there. 

my self-insert and Thefreestupidity's self-insert
being in some kind of vacuum sack with pant legs and ballet boots

liquid latex will stick to itself. Please handle with caution

some say that being wrapped with tape is better than a maid's outfit.
some don't agree

tribute to both Rottny and Sebastian Rubbermage
hee. love this concept